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Bringing You More Than Medicine

Any Pharmacy can prepare your pills and fill your prescriptions, but few of them can boast of giving you extra leisure time along with your medicine.

5 Minute Pharmacy saves you time by ensuring you need make fewer trips to pick up your pills. We can even deliver them to your home, leaving you with more hours to spend doing things you enjoy with people you love. As a family owned business we understand the importance of your time. We can provide an automatic prescription refill service and call your doctor when you have no more refills.

When it comes to your health, everyone has lots of questions and we at 5 Minute Pharmacy are happy to answer them. We take our role as a member of the island’s community very seriously, so do drop by if you want a chat or have any concerns about your course of medication.

When it comes to your prescriptions, we pride ourselves on our accuracy and efficiency when filling them and needless to say, we want all patients to leave with a smile.

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